Sermons on John

#40 Jesus Prays

October 25, 2015, the message was “Jesus Prays” based on John 17.  Jesus prays for His and the Father’s glory, His disciples’ protection, and His church’s unity.  Here’s the audio: Here’s Pastor Mike’s unedited notes: #40 Jesus Prays Blessings!

#38 The Vine

On October 11, 2015, the message was entitled, “The Vine,” based on John 15.  Here’s the audio: Here’s Pastor Mike’s unedited notes: #38 The Vine Blessings!

#37 Comfort for Troubled Hearts

Sunday’s (10/4/15) sermon was entitled, “Comfort for Troubled Hearts” and was based on John 14.  Jesus says to “let not your hearts be troubled…” and then gives four reasons for our comfort!  Here’s the audio of Pastor Mike’s message: Blessings!  

#6 New Life

This message centers around Jesus conversation with Nicodemus in John 3 with a message entitled, “New Life.”  Here’s the audio of the sermon: Here’s Pastor Mike’s unedited sermon notes: #6 New Life Blessings!