Thankful in 2020

“…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thessalonians 5: 18

I must perform my vows to you, O God; I will render thank offerings to you.” Psalm 56: 12

2020 has been quite a year, but there have been difficult years in the past (think the Civil War, the Depression, WWII and that’s just our recent history–there have been terrible years in world history). We didn’t choose this year and there are many, many things we lament to the Lord about. Scripture tells us to be thankful in all (not for all) circumstances, and giving thanks was part of David fulfilling his vows to God. Let’s pause and be thankful in the year the Lord has placed us. Where to start. Hmmm…

Worship – I’m thankful that our church has not missed one Sunday worshiping through music and preaching. Yes, part of March and April were recorded and put on-line and May was Outdoor Church. We’ve been in person to worship since June. Those who are not able to attend in person have had an on-line option. I’m thankful for technology that allowed us to do that. I’m grateful for Jessica keeping up our church app and website!

Children’s and Youth Ministries – So grateful to Kyle and Justin for continuing to teach our youth and children!

Community Food Ministry – I’m thankful that our church was able to give out produce boxes (“Farms to Families program) for 17 weeks (that was 3100 produce boxes)! At the beginning of the pandemic we did a Mobile Food Truck at North Elementary and just recently 100 Thanksgiving food baskets with the Cape County Cowboy Church.

Coloring Project – I’m thankful for our church (kids and adults) who colored enough Thanksgiving coloring pages that all the residents at Monticello and Barnabas Acres received a Thanksgiving card, colored page, and Thanksgiving tract. A big thank you to our coloring missionaries! Our Christmas coloring project is underway.

Missions – I’m thankful for our mission partners. We haven’t been able to travel, but we continue to make our mission commitments to the Cooperative Program, the Cape Baptist Association, the Lighthouse and other partners. Grateful that we were able to partner with area churches to send offerings to our partner church in Italy and to a church in El Salvador. Just recently we had the privilege to be a drop off location for OCC Shoeboxes. What a privilege!

International Christian Fellowship – I’m thankful for the International Christian Fellowship that meets every Sunday afternoon in our church building. Pastor Ednor is also starting church plants in Poplar Bluff and in Farmington!

Building Remodel – We weren’t able to expand our building this year, but grateful that we have the architectural plans for the expansion paid for and the children’s area remodel completed with cash on hand. We continue to wait for God’s timing on our building expansion. Please keep giving to our building fund!

Finances – God owns the cattle on a thousands hills. He’s given us everything we need. I’m thankful to the Lord for His gifts through you!

Personal – I will make a much longer private list as this is the church’s blog page. Even so, I am thankful for…our first grandchild, the privilege to minister to aging family, watching The Chosen, reading more books in one year than ever before, my wife, my family, my friends, my church family and racquetball/pickleball. Most of all, I am thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from sin and self, and called me for His purposes. To God be the glory!

Happy Thanksgiving FCC!

Pastor Mike