Building Addition Updates

UPDATEWe are praying about whether or not to wait until summer of 2022 to build our expansion, because of the unknowns with Covid and the economy.  We are in touch with the Chilton Baptist Builders and they have a back-up if we postpone another year.  The below information is from a previous post and is still accurate.  The financials have been updated.  An additional factor in building this summer or next is the replenishing of our building fund (we have just over $19,500 in our building fund).  Please consider giving an end of the year gift to our building fund. Please pray for wisdom for this decision for our church and for the Chilton Baptist Builders.

This is a difficult time for the world and recently for our nation.  After consulting with our building expansion team and our volunteer builders, we postponed our building expansion until the summer of 2021.  Here is a summary of our thinking: 

  • Volunteers – A portion of our volunteers will not be able to come this summer as they will be working hard this summer to catch up on current missed work. Our volunteer teams are willing to come this summer, but with a reduced number of team members.  The good news is that many of the teams have committed to come  with a full contingency the summer of 2021.
  • Economy – We are in an uncertain economy and it doesn’t seem prudent to take on a large debt during this season. I’ve consulted with other pastors and church leaders and their advice has been unanimous. This gives us another year to raise capital for the building expansion next summer.
  • Ministry – We need to redirect some of our monies to help folks in this crisis. We just recently sent money to our church partner in Belluno, Italy.  Last week, we gave out food to 200 families and continue to receive calls for help.  We delivered our first food basket to a quarantined Covid-19 patient and opportinities to share the love of Christ in our community are only going to grow.

We finished our remodel of our education building.  We added a bathroom and table/chair closet to the Community Room and added secure doors for children’s area.  Our building fund will covered these expenses.  We have some small equipment that we need to purchase, but essentially our remodel is finished. Any donations given to our “Building Fund” will help recoup these expenses.

Next summer our 6000 sq. ft. expansion will allow us to dedicate our existing education space for a secure children’s area, expand our foyer, add improved office, youth and adult education space.  Here is some basic information about the project so you can pray and give as the Lord leads you.

2021 Tentative Calendar:

June 19-25:  The Chilton Baptist Builders have already committed to come in 2021!

Would you take a moment to thank the Lord for these groups who were committed to come the summer of 2020?

The Chilton Baptist Builders; FBC Ewing, MO; FBC Tallahassee, FL; FBC Waterloo, IL; The Ridge Church Brookville, OH; FBC Pinson, AL; Faith Church, Auburn, MA; N. West Coast Builders Panama City, FL; N. Jefferson Baptist Association Mt. Olive, AL

Finances (as of 12/5/2020):

  • Estimated cost of project:  $1,000,000 (this will be adjusted)
  • Estimated savings by volunteers teams:  TBD
  • Balance of estimated cost for the church: TBD
  • Church budget and Building Fund gifts to date: $148,512.26
  • Architect Expenses to Date:  $64,209.50
  • Remodel Expenses to Date:  $63,548.07
  • Construction Expenses to Date: $0.00
  • Building Fund Balance to Date (as of 12/5/2020): $20,784.69
  • Construction Loan Balance: $0.00
  • Building gifts can be made to
  • Building gifts can also be mailed to Fruitland Community Church, 6040 Hwy 61, Jackson, MO 63755

Tools Needed for the week of Chilton Builders (June 2021):

  • 4/ 8’ step ladders
  • 4/6’ step ladders
  • 2/ 14’ heavy duty extension ladders
  • 2 sets of 8’ tall baker scaffolds
  • 3 sets of 6’ tall baker scaffolds
  • 2/ 20’ aluminum scaffold boards
  • 12 sets of 4’ or 5’ brick mason type scaffolds with cross pieces not the one with the wall they open style
  • 24 braces for these scaffolds & 8 casters for these with 6 aluminum clip on scaffold boards
  • All terrain lull for exterior
  • Scissor lift for interior work—- trusses, electrical etc

Prayer Requests for the Building:

  1. Pray for the finances of this project
  2. Pray for wisdom for final design decisions
  3. Pray for volunteers to be raised up for the summer of 2021
  4. Pray for coordination of volunteers and materials
  5. Pray for safe and travel and safety on-site for our volunteers

As the Chilton Builders have taught us to say:  “God is Able!!”


Pastor Mike