2019 Kingdom Assignment Reports

We bought 20 $1 items (socks, word search books, etc, for a Christmas donation basket at the Lutheran Home. These items will be divided among the residents and given out by a Santa just before Christmas. They will be greatly appreciated by our activity staff and residents who receive them. 2 servers, 20 served. Cumulative totals: 53 servers, 546 served.

I put money on a person’s account who is in the Cape County Jail so they could contact their family. One 15 minute call costs $10. He was very thankful and appreciative and so was his family. 1 server, 1 served. Cumulative totals: 51 servers, 526 served.

We took a tray of gourmet brownies to the staff at the Jackson library and thanked them for their service to our community. They were surprised and very, very grateful. 2 servers, 15 served. Cumulative totals: 50 servers, 525 served.

We baked and individually bagged about 140 cookies then delivered them to these local businesses with a few of the Sharing Gods Love cards and invited them to visit FCC. 1. G&R Imports 2. Cape Overhead Door 3. Fruitland Livestock Auction 4. Huck Equine Clinic 5. Emory’s Little Store 6. Fruitland Hardware 7. Fruitland Fire Department 8. Armstrong Gutters 9. Armstrong Outdoors 10. Jackson Bargain Outlet Everyone seemed very thankful, a few seemed a little shocked and surprised and didn’t know what to say. We had a few say they would see us at FCC sometime soon! One lady said she was looking for a church and was excited to visit. 3 servers, 140 served. Cumulative total: 48 servers, 510 served.

We took homemade pies to our new neighbors houses. We had lovely visits with them, getting acquainted. We got neighborly invitations to dessert, offers to help with anything we need to settle it. 5 servers, 8 served. Cumulative totals: 45 servers, 370 served.

I gave a young woman that has breast cancer and going through chemo money to help pay her bills. I told her to buy groceries or wherever she needed it most. 1 server, 1 served. Cumulative totals: 40 servers, 362 served.

We made cookies and delivered them to cape VIP. We really enjoyed ourselves! 3 servers, 70 served. Cumulative totals: 39 servers, 361 served.

We made chocolate chip cookies and took them to Big Stuff preschool and The Arbors nursing home. We took Starbucks to one of my mom’s co-workers. 3 servers, 50 served. Cumulative totals: 36 servers, 291 served.

We made cookies and gave a children’s Bible along with an invitation to come with us to church, for an unchurched family. The little girl would like to come to church!!! Still praying for her parents. 4 servers, 4 served. Cumulative totals: 33 servers, 241 served.

We ordered 2 Casey’s pizzas and gave them to a couple of our neighbors. They were very grateful. 3 servers, 5 served. Cumulative totals: 29 servers, 237 served.

Treat bags to Fire Fighters

We took 25 treat bags to the local Fruitland fire station. They seemed appreciative! 2 servers, 25 served. Cumulative totals: 26 servers, 232 served.

Food to Safe House

We took food to the Safe House for Women. 6 servers, over 30 served. Cumulative totals: 24 servers, 207 served.

Doughnuts for firefighters.

We provided doughnuts to a volunteer fire training for Millersville, Gordonville, and at least one other volunteer department in our area. All 2 dozen doughnuts were completely consumed by the end of the training. LOL. 4 servers, 15 plus served. Cumulative totals: 18 servers, 177 served.

Doughnuts for neighbors

I brought doughnuts to the neighbors and American Wireless. They were very appreciative and surprised! 1 server, 11 served. Cumulative totals: 14 servers, 162 served.

Household items for Family

Through contacts at my mom’s work, I found a single father who’s had a lot of bad luck recently and could really use some help. Mom and I got some basic household goods and a few fun things for the girls. They were very appreciative! The little girls were estatic (I think as much because ‘Mrs. Dee’ came to visit as for the gifts). The father thanked me many times and asked if he could come visit FCC. Of course, I told him to come any time he wants! 2 servers, 4 served. Cumulative total: 13 servers, 151 served.

Cookies to BSC at SEMO

Brought cookies to students at the Baptist Student Center at SEMO’s campus. They were very grateful. 1 server, 40 served. Cumulative total: 11 servers, 147 served.

Cookies to Las Brisas

We took a large tray of cookies to Las Brisas for the employees and their families. We were met with large smiles. I learned to say, ¡Te apreciamos! 2 servers, 25 served. Cumulative total: 10 servers, 107 served

Donuts for Brick House

I delivered 18 donuts to Brick House for for Counseling Center. The people seemed very appreciative of the delivery. The Brick House is a place for 18 year old kids to have a place to go and help get on their feet. 1 server, 8 served. Cumulative total: 8 servers, 82 served

Fountain Drinks to North Elementary

We took 36 free 32 ounce drink cards from Rhodes for all the teachers and staff at North Elementary. They were appreciative! 2 servers, 36 served. Cumulative total: 7 servers, 74 served.

Meals to families

I as able to provide 3 families a with a meal. They were very appreciative and said thank you! 1 server, 7 served. Cumulative total: 5 servers, 38 served

Pants for young man

A young man’s mother is in the hospital. He didn’t have many jeans and and he had used tape on his jeans. I bought a pair of jeans and dress pants for him. He was happy to receive the pants. 1 server, 1 served. Cumulative total: 4 servers, 31 served

Cookies/Brownies for
ICU waiting room

We took a large cookie/brownie tray to ICU at St. Francis. We left Connection Cards from FCC with the tray. It was a wonderful opportunity to plant a seed of kindness. It would be great if someone saw the church card and came to a service or became a member. Praying for each of them that the Lord would draw them to Him or closer. Although we didn’t hear from anyone ourselves, hoping a seed was planted. Thanks FCC! 3 servers, 30 served.