2019 Kingdom Assignment Reports

Cookies to Las Brisas

We took a large tray of cookies to Las Brisas for the employees and their families. We were met with large smiles. I learned to say, ¡Te apreciamos! 2 servers, 25 served. Cumulative total: 10 servers, 107 served

Donuts for Brick House

I delivered 18 donuts to Brick House for for Counseling Center. The people seemed very appreciative of the delivery. The Brick House is a place for 18 year old kids to have a place to go and help get on their feet. 1 server, 8 served. Cumulative total: 8 servers, 82 served

Fountain Drinks to North Elementary

We took 36 free 32 ounce drink cards from Rhodes for all the teachers and staff at North Elementary. They were appreciative! 2 servers, 36 served. Cumulative total: 7 servers, 74 served.

Meals to families

I as able to provide 3 families a with a meal. They were very appreciative and said thank you! 1 server, 7 served. Cumulative total: 5 servers, 38 served

Pants for young man

A young man’s mother is in the hospital. He didn’t have many jeans and and he had used tape on his jeans. I bought a pair of jeans and dress pants for him. He was happy to receive the pants. 1 server, 1 served. Cumulative total: 4 servers, 31 served

Cookies/Brownies for
ICU waiting room

We took a large cookie/brownie tray to ICU at St. Francis. We left Connection Cards from FCC with the tray. It was a wonderful opportunity to plant a seed of kindness. It would be great if someone saw the church card and came to a service or became a member. Praying for each of them that the Lord would draw them to Him or closer. Although we didn’t hear from anyone ourselves, hoping a seed was planted. Thanks FCC! 3 servers, 30 served.