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2019 Kingdom Assignment

Sharing the results of acts of kindness sown in the Kingdom

KA Rules

The Kingdom Assignment has been launched! Each family will be given $20 and here are the rules (if you haven’t received your KA, contact the church office for your):

  1. Remember the $20 belongs to God.
  2. Do not put the $20 in the offering plate, spend the money on FCC, or give to a charitable organization.
  3. Invest the $20 to extend the Kingdom of God in the Fruitland area during the next couple of months.
  4. Leave a “Connection Card” to connect the act of kindness with Christ’s love.  This is a very important step, as we are not just doing random acts of kindness.  We are connecting them with Christ and our church.  You can get more cards in the church office if you need them.
  5. You may add to or combine the money with another family in the church to expand the project.
  6. Fill-out the “Kingdom Assignment” report before the emphasis ends on November 3.  You may place it in the offering plate in our worship service when your project in complete.

Here are the results of two previous Kingdom Assignments. Click the link(s) to germinate some ideas!

2008 Kingdom Assignment http://fruitlandkingdomassignment.blogspot.com/

2013 Kingdom Assignment https://wordpress.com/view/fruitlandka.wordpress.com