El Salvador Graduation

I just returned from El Salvador where the third and final group of pastors and leaders graduated from our Bible Teaching Center for Pastors curriculum.   What a joy to teach with this group!   So grateful for Fran Orellana who interpreted for me this week.

It was another great time with a special group of church leaders.  Here’s just a few pictures from my trip.

Four years ago, I wrote this blog as we began the BTCP.


It was interesting for me to read.  We started out with 66 pastors and of course, we had some attrition.  It started out a 5-year plan, but we got it done in 4.  It’s been quite an effort on the part of pastors in Missouri and in El Salvador.  Here’s the 1st group that graduated this past May:

The second group graduated this past August:

And this group, this past week:

There are several who just missed a course or two and will be graduating some time in 2018.  Our faculty for the past four years has been Jim Barnart, Josh Boley, Irvin Brooks, Clif Crosnoe, Nathan Eikenberry, Al Flohr, Ken Grant, James Guy, Norm Howell, Jeff Loftin, Mike Parry, Jensen Petersen, Matt Tanner, Josh Tillman, and John Vernon.  A big thank you to these Missouri pastors!  In February, Jim Barnhart and John Vernon will return to train more trainers and officially pass the baton of teaching to the El Salvadoreans.

Also, a big thank you to Otoniel Calderon who has coordinated the project on the El Salvadorean side!  He’s in the right side of the next photo.

On a side note, I had the opportunity to be with the Nazareth Baptist Church in Santa Tecla for their 50th Anniversary.  What a great celebration.  I’m so glad the Lord allowed me to be there!

I also had the privilege to visit with the pastor and ladies at Ciudad Obrera and learn more about their sewing project.  It was a packed six days!

For the Kingdom!

Mike Parry