2016 August El Salvador Trip


We just returned from our August mission trip and we had a great experience!  A team of 12 from three churches left to minister in two locations in El Salvador.  If you would like a quick video of the trip click here:

2016 Aug El Salvador Trip

Here’s just a brief summary of what we did and lots of pictures!

Day #1, Saturday, July 30, was a travel day.  After a flight to Miami and then to San Salvador, we had our first meal in El Salvador and then a 2 1/2 hour bus ride.  We then attended the 36th anniversary celebration of the El Salvadorian Youth Association.  Of course, we went to our hotel to rest!

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Day #2, Sunday, July 31, we worshiped at the church at El Triunfo in the morning.  I had the privilege of preaching and our group sang a couple of songs in Spanish.

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And then we did ministry in the park Sunday afternoon.

2016 ES park 2016 ES park2 2016 es park6 2016 es park7 2016 es park8 2016 es park9

2016 es park32016 es park4

Then we went to get pupusas!

2016 es pupusas 2016 es pupusas2 2016 es pupusas3

Day #3, Monday, August 1

Today we went visiting in three different areas of the community in the morning.  In the afternoon, we held two different one day kid’s Bible activities.

2016 es monday1 2016 es monday2 2016 es monday4 2016 es monday5 2016 es monday8

In the evening, we led a youth service.

2016 es monday62016 es monday7

Day #4, Tuesday, August 2

Today, we did a medical/dental/optical clinic at Jicarito.  We saw 218 people in the morning until about 2 pm, sharing the Gospel with each family.

2016 es jicarito1 2016 es jicarito2 2016 es jicarito3 2016 es jicarito4 2016 es jicarito5 2016 es jicarito6 2016 es jicarito8 2016 es jicarito9 2016 es jicarito 10 2016 es jicarito11 2016 es jicarito122016 es jicarito5

We set up a spontaneous clinic for the church at El Triunfo in the afternoon that ran well into the evening.

2016 es el triunfo62016 es el triunfo2016 es el triunfo22016 es el triunfo3

Day #5, Wednesday, August 3

We traveled to a new area to do a third medical/optical clinic.  It’s at this location that Pastor Jimmy has a Bible study and the start of a new church!

2016 es wed 2016 es wed2 2016 es wed3 2016 es wed4 2016 es wed5 2016 es wed6 2016 es wed7 2016 es wed8

Saying goodbye at El Triunfo was more difficult than we anticipated:

2016 es goodbye 2016 es goodbye3 2016 es goodbye4 2016 es goodbye5

2016 es goodbye82016 es goodbye2

We traveled to San Salvador to prepare to shift our ministry to Ciudad Obrera.

Day #6, Thursday, August 4

Today we were at our Ciudad Obrera mission.  We did medical/optical clinic in the morning and VBS in the afternoon.  Here are some pictures from both!

2016 es thursday 2016 es thur2 2016 es thur3 2016 es thur4 2016 es thur5 2016 es thur7  2016 es thur82016 es thursday2

We led worship at Ciudad Obrera later that afternoon.  Kevin Rodriguez translated a sermon for the first time and did great!

2016 es worship 2016 es worship2 2016 es worship3

2016 es worship4

Day #7, Friday, August 6

Friday, we returned to Ciudad Obrera for a continuation of our medical/optical clinic and a brief VBS closing out with a pinata party!

2016 es friday 2016 es friday2 2016 es friday3 2016 es friday4 2016 es friday6 2016 es friday8

2016 es friday72016 es friday52016 es sat

Day #8, Saturday, August 7

This was our day to return home!

2016 es sat22016 es airplane

Although it’s difficult to quantify this trip, we saw 597 people in our medical/optical clinics and gave away 150 glasses.  The gospel was shared with everyone who came to the clinic.  We saw over 300 children in 3 different one-day VBS’s and a ministry in the park.  Our group led 3 worship services in two different churches.  The gospel has been shared and we believe that 11 people gave their hearts to Christ .  Our team will never be the same!

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Mike