Good Trip Training Pastors

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The last two weeks, we had three pairs of pastors from Missouri teach pastors in three regions of El Salvador.  One group met in Chalchaupa and studied the 2nd half of the New Testament.  The teachers from Missouri were Jensen Petersen and Matthew Tanner (and Frank their translator!).  Here are some pictures from that good group!

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Another group met in Izalco and studied the first half of preaching.  It was led by Al Flohr and Ken Grant (Frank is the translator here as well!).  Here are some pictures from the group at Izalco:

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All the El Salvadorians receiving this class had to turn in a sermon outline and then preach it!

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My partner, Clif Crosnoe, and I were in El Triunfo teaching the 1st half of the New Testament.  So grateful for our translators, Walter and Oscar!  We covered Matthew through Colossians!

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Here are some pictures of the families who hosted us!  They are such gracious, loving people!

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A new step was taken in this training effort.  Two El Salvadorian pastors in each region taught two sections alongside the pastors from Missouri!  They will teach with us on all future trips.  The goal is to turn this training over to them.  They did such a good job!

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Will you continue to pray for this effort?  Our next training will take place in February of 2016, Lord willing.  What a privilege to work with these pastors!

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Mike