Update on Roscommon Baptist Church


A group of six from Fruitland Community Church traveled to Roscommon, Michigan in May, to work with the Chilton Baptist Builders.  There were 90 of us that raised the walls and roof of Roscommon Baptist Church.  You can read about that trip at this link:

Chilton Baptist Builders Mission Trip

You can follow the progress of the church on Facebook.  A second group, Carpenters for Christ, followed us:


They worked inside the building:

roscommon11 roscommon12

Here we see their work installing sheetrock and tongue-in-groove pine paneling in the auditorium.

roscommon1 roscommon2 roscommon4 roscommon5

A third group from FBC, Pinson, is working there this week:

Check out their work!  Siding…


The cross went on today!




Here’s a brief overview of the progress so far:

This reminds me that we are partners to further the Kingdom of God.  So grateful for the teams that have followed us to Roscommon and will come throughout the summer.

I’m so anxious to go back with Chilton next June!  For now…let’s put a roof on County Line Baptist Church this weekend!

county line

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Mike